We all have different goals. We all have things we want to accomplish, things we claim will “make us happy” and that’s good, you have an objective and you think this objective will make you happy or self accomplished, great! Here’s the thing…

The “If I accomplish this, I will be happy” way of thinking is the #1 way to not be happy.  Things happen, you don’t always get what you want and thinking like this will only bring you down.

 Not only that but there will always be more, what will happen even if you achieve your goal is that you will set another goal, tell yourself “OK but now, only if I get this I will be happy” and so on  without ever really reaching happiness.

What you need to do: invest in the process

If you invest in the process,  only will you enjoy the process more and so get better  results and greater odds to reach your goal but if you don’t achieve it, you’ll still be happy because The PROCESS was the important part.