Ways to raise self esteem

Ways to raise self esteem

Self esteem is your overall sense of self worth, how much you like yourself and it’s important because it influences every decision you make and your happiness. Luckely, you can make changes to your self worth doing these easy steps.

1. Realize this is in your head and possible to elevate

You first must believe you can change it just like when it come to any changes you create, you always must believe in order to create actual change. Despite what may be causing your self worth issues, you must change that voice inside your head telling you you are not capable or strong or beautiful. Many people believe it to be their internal voice but that is where they’re wrong. That voice has been conditioned over time by your parents, your friends, your siblings, etc. If that voice inside your head tells you you’re not good enough, that’s not you.

2. Clearly define your values

Think about what truly matters to you and what you believe in then align that with how you live your life. Many people are living a life that is not them leading to low self worth and even if you live by what you believe, do it more. For example, I’m all about positivity and I thought I was living based on what I believed because I was living what I thought was the most positive life possible. Turns out there is a lot more I can do such as read about it, study it, help others achieve it etc.

3. Block others opinions

I understand this is hard to do but too many of us worry about what other people think and do things to impress people we don’t even like. This has to stop. Your life is about you and you can’t let anyone else dictate the way you live it otherwise you won’t feel fulfilled. Make a decision right now to stop worrying about what others think. Then, take small action oriented steps to work your way there.

4. Let negative things go

We all have negatives in our lives whether it’s people or things. In order to increase your self esteem and be happier you must let these things go, even if this is an okay friend or an activity you do, if they make you feel negative they do not belong in your life, it’s that simple.

5. Give more

Never give because you must but give because you can. This will make you feel good and give you a good conscious. This will make you more present to the needs of others and help you help more people. You’ll sleep better, learn faster and be more discerning about decisions and/or relationships.

6. Adopt healthy habits

At night, mentally prepare yourself for the next day and decide to have a healthy productive morning. If your mornings are productive, all your days will be more productive and if you are productive you will feel much better about yourself.

You can also eat healthy, exercise and/or dress well to feel better about yourself because when you look your best you feel your best and self insurance will come through.

The process

The process

We all have different goals. We all have things we want to accomplish, things we claim will “make us happy” and that’s good, you have an objective and you think this objective will make you happy or self accomplished, great! Here’s the thing…

The “If I accomplish this, I will be happy” way of thinking is the #1 way to not be happy.  Things happen, you don’t always get what you want and thinking like this will only bring you down.

 Not only that but there will always be more, what will happen even if you achieve your goal is that you will set another goal, tell yourself “OK but now, only if I get this I will be happy” and so on  without ever really reaching happiness.

What you need to do: invest in the process

If you invest in the process,  only will you enjoy the process more and so get better  results and greater odds to reach your goal but if you don’t achieve it, you’ll still be happy because The PROCESS was the important part.