Positivity is a way of thinking that focuses on the bright side of life and helps you attack unexpected situations with confidence. Positivity is not being happy all the time, as that is just unrealistic, but positive people will often achieve better outcomes in unfortunate or competitive situations, creating a better life. Here’s how to be more positive right away.

“Positivity always wins…. Always.”

Gary Vaynerchuk

1.Start your day with positive affirmations

It may seem dumb to wake up, look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself everything you need to hear such as, “you will do this great thing today” or if you had a bad yesterday say, “today is a completely different day” but in fact, if you have a positive morning, odds are, you will have a positive day. What you tell yourself does get into your head the same way things you are told by others do, start your morning telling yourself , “I will have a good day.” And you’d be amazed how much that helps.

2.Surround yourself with positive people

You’re having a bad day? Reach out to someone really positive to hang out with them. Energy like that is contagious and surrounding yourself with positive people with also make you more positive the same way hanging out with negative people will make you more negative. You must pay close attention to who you spend your precious time with as that makes a huge impact on who you are.

3. Live in the moment

Just be mentally and emotionally present everywhere you are physically. This will make your life more enjoyable and avoid regret. You will also appreciate everything you live through more which is important to living a positive life.

4. focus on good things

Focusing on good things is critical when it comes to being more positive because if you start focusing your mind on the positive things your mind will begin to do that automatically which becomes hugely impactful on your mindset. Here’s a trick, every time you walk into a room, in your head, point out your 3 favourite things in that room, this will help train your mind to focus on positives.

5. Smile

Smiling is probably the most effective thing you can do on this list. Studies show that smiling will not only actually trick your brain and make you happy but it will also incite people to smile around you more creating a more positive environment for you to live in.